How to Cast a Spinning Reel

Casting a spinning reel isn’t as hard as others would presume, and with a bit of practice, will result to good level of accuracy.  Most beginners start with spinning reels because they are the easiest to learn on casting and retrieving, and they can be used in mostly all forms of fishing.

There are two forms of spinning reels, the reels that have the trigger and the ones that don’t.  Below are quick steps on how you cast both forms:

For Spinning reels that do not have a trigger:

  1. Grab the line under your index finger.
    2.  Hold it up against the rear of the rod and then flip the bail over.  The line is free to go once the bail has been flipped.
    3.  Point the pole towards your target area.
    4.  Bend at the elbow, throw forward and let your finger off the line to release it.
    5.  Reel in your pole whenever you need to.

For spinning reels that have the trigger:

  1. Place your finger under the trigger and flip it over to open up the bail.
    2.  At this time, you lure or bait should be about 16 inches down to the tip of the pole.
    3.  Put your finger under the line and the trigger so when you pick up the line, your finger holds against the trigger.
    4.  Point you pole towards your target area, bring it back towards your shoulder and release the line and the trigger.
    5. Reel in your pole whenever you need to.

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